PHONE: 07 4123 1536 - EMAIL: paintdoctor@bigpond.com

Who is Hans Kreuzen? Hans has been involved in the automotive custom paint scene since the early 70's and has Airbrushed and Custom painted, Murals, Grafix, Flames etc. on many award winning Motorcycles, Choppers, Hotrod's Street Machines, Dragcar's and just about anything that can be painted and published my own brush painted fine art prints.
Hans Kreuzen has been opperating "THE PAINT DOCTOR" in Maryborough Queensland since 1985. His talents have also led him to work in the film industry across the world, I have been opperating my business in the same location with the same phone number for over 30 years and have thousand's of happy customers. I build and take care of my own web site, And I try keep it up to date with the latest finished airbrushed project's.

Paint Doctor, Frequently Asked Questions:
COST: The average price of the custom airbrushed tin's you see below is between $1'500.- AU. to $3'000.- AU. The more time I get to play the more expensive it will become, 80% of the tin's I paint are arround the $2'200.- AU.mark, The best idea is to set a budget you would like to stick to and speak to me personaly, My over heads are going up all the time and I am trying to keep the price down, But I love to airbrush and get involved in your project
TIME The average turn around time is 2 to 3 weeks (not including postage) depending on the amount of bikes I have on the go at the time.
PAINTS USED: I use Protec paints produced in Australia and all the tin's I paint and airbrush will be clear coated with three coats of high solid two pack clear and buffed to a show winning finish.
FREIGHT: I receive tin's from all across Australia, and I found "Australian Post" and "Fast Ways" tho be the most reliable and price,
The guards will fit inside each other in one box and the tank in the second box, Make sure to use plenty of bubble wrap for the trip back home again.
FREIGHT: I will email you the finished pictures of your tin's and the G.S.T. invoice with our banking details when your tin's are completed.
ADDRESS/ PHONE: The Paint Doctor 9 Saltwater Creek Road Maryborough Queensland 4650 Australia, Phone: 07 4123 1536, Email: paintdoctor@bigpond.com

Latest Airbrushed Motorcycles

"Latest Airbrushed Motorcycles"
This page shows the latest airbrushed motorcycles, Including the latest from "Jasons Garage" and magazine featured Harley's

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"PAGE ONE" More Airbrushed Motorcycles,

Page "TWO"
"PAGE TWO" More Airbrushed Motorcycles

1958 Matchless 1950 Norton  1956 B.S.A. Bantam Major "Classic Motorcycles"

View Airbrushed Helmets,
"Helmet's from all over Australia and now Europe"

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Picture of airbrushed Husky painting, copyright by Hans Kreuzen

Murals on XR8 Bonnet

Original Paintings for Sale

New Holden Crewman

Click here,for airbrushed portraits

Paasche Airbrushes avaliable from "The Paint Doctor"

Picture of airbrushed painting, copyright by Hans Kreuzen

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Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Prints
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Titled: Lights out please

Aussie Swapmeet Series
Click here,for Aussie Swapmeet Series Click here,for Aussie Swapmeet Series
"500 only" Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Prints
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Signed Print Titled:
Tribute to the Dry Lake Racers of Australia
Only $25.00 each + postage & handling

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