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"Classic Motorcycle Refinishing"
Hans Kreuzen

 1956 B.S.A. Bantam Major 1958 Matchless 1951 Francis Barnett
Note: All artwork and images created by Hans Kreuzen are under copyright by Hans Kreuzen. Under no circumstances are these to be reproduced in any form.

1920 P & M motorcycle flat tank, restored back to it's former glory.
More pic's soon.

1913 Premier motorcycle flat tank had to be cut and shut by us, during the restoration.
More pic's soon.

1948 Indian Chief, painted in original "Seafoam Blue"

Honda CB450 tank painted up for a cafe racer build.

1938 Panther with painted inserts on chrome tank, Water slide transfer on head-stock, Black guards and toolboxes.
Customer is from Darwin NT.

1963 Honda Dream CA77 Type1, more pic's when it's all finished.

Kawasaki GPZ900 R restored to factory colours.

1977 Harley Davidson Shovel candy pearl red, with old school flames to match the white wall tires.

1969 TR6 650 Triumph, painted in custom colours and traditional design striping.

All the sign writing is computor cut and airbrushed on in the correct colours and no stickers or vinyl are left behind before the clear coating is sprayed on.
All the pinstriping is also painted on by airbrush.

BMW R65 Bobber with a modern twist. Painted in candy apple orange with the R65/Dexter in the candy base.
Finished with flat black inserts.

1926 Douglas fuel tank, with a exact reproduction, painted on Douglas script, underneath the clear coats.
The new steel tank was reproduced by Isis Bikes Queensland

1912 Triumph fuel and oil tank, Painted in all original British Standard colour code's.

1976 Harley Davidson tank.

Norton 850 Commando Electric Start,
All the logos and writing are painted on, to match the painted gold pin striping.

1968 Triumph Bonneville T-120,
Painted in candy red with the silver and gold striping
The Bonneville is painted underneath the clear coats, in the correct gold,

1926 BSA repaired and painted in all the original colours and striping

Triumph fuel tank, Painted in black base with candy red inserts.

1950 BSA Bantam D1 Plunger, This is Hans Kreuzen's own restored bike and is our shopping trolley for around town.
The bike was build from a basket case and is painted in Pastel Green with 24K Goldleaf pinstriping.

1963 BSA 650 Twin "Goldstar" Painted in original candy apple red with gold pin striping and water slides transfers.

German Adler motorcycle, Painted in the original green metallic colour, Including the dark green pin striping.

1972 1973 Kawasaki Z900 painted in Jaffa Candy with orange gold pearl inserts and striping

Kawasaki Z900 A4 painted in the original candy apple green, with painted gold and green striping.

1979 Harley Davidson FLH, Painted in cream with candy red inserts and gold pin striping.

Norton 750 Commando with painted gold logo's and pin striping over Coke Red Candy Apple.

1974 Norton Interstate 850 Commando with painted gold logo's and pin striping over black.

1913 Triumph fuel and oil tank, Painted in all original British Standard colour code's, More pictures when it's all finished.
The tank was in real good condition, considering it is over 100 years old.

Paint restoration on 1929 Indian Scout 101 using 24K goldleaf and original colour red,
More pic's when it's all together.

Close up of the 24K Goldleaf.

Reference book for the pin striping.

Hans using the 24K goldleaf on a colour sample sign.

1929 Indian Scout 101

BSA Super Bantam, painted in Blue metalic colour matched to the original paint.

1967 BSA Thunderbolt 650 painted in Candy Apple Red as per original,
With Gold pin striping and the Water transfers on the side covers.

Honda CB 750F, Painted in Blue candy apple, colour matched to the original colour paint.

1971 BSA 175 Bantam painted in Candy Apple Red as per original,
With white pin striping and the Yellow 175 Bantam logo "painted" onto the side cover.

1982 Moto Guzzi V50 Monza, painted in red only with original decals.

Honda '400 FOUR' Super Sport respray.

1969 Norton 750"S" tank and side covers

1972 Suzuki GT750 "Water Bottle" paint restoration in original Candy Apple Magenta with White striping.

1982 Suzuki GSX 1100E with painted on logos.

Our own correct colour reference sign

Restoration respray on 1977 Triumph Silver Jubilee, One of only 1000 produced.

Original paint respray restoration on 105 Anniversary Harley Davidson tin's.

1976 Harley Davidson with hinged split rear guard, painted in black pearl with white pearl inserts.

1980 Suzuki GS1000G with painted pinstriping in original colours.

Black with White pinstriping on this restored 1960 BMW

Red with gold pinstriping over chrome tank and rims on 1949 Ariel "square four" and also the matching side car, that will be on this motorcycle.

1960 Triumph "Bathtub" painted in original colour matched silver and black two tone.

1976 Kawasaki Z900 A-4

Kawasaki 900

 1956 B.S.A. Bantam Major  1956 B.S.A. Bantam Major  1956 B.S.A. Bantam Major   B.S.A. Display Helmet
1956 B.S.A. Bantam Major

Honda with custom painted charcoal silver inserts.

1958 Matchless 1958 Matchless 1958 Matchless
1958 Matchless

1962 Matchless.

Classic Yamaha's

1951 Francis Barnett 1951 Francis Barnett 1951 Francis Barnett 1951 Francis Barnett
1951 Francis Barnett

1950 Norton
1950 Norton


James Cadet James Cadet James Cadet
James Cadet