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Original Paintings and Artwork
Hans Kreuzen

Note: All artwork and images created by Hans Kreuzen are under copyright by Hans Kreuzen. Under no circumstances are these to be reproduced in any form.

Airbrushed Automotive Artwork on: Competition Vehicles

Over the last Two decades Hans Kreuzen has airbrushed many Murals, Grafix, Flames and more on all type of vehicles.
His artwork has won him and his clients many awards.
Below is just a small example of his airbrushed automotive artwork

Please be patient for pictures to download, It's worth waiting for.

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Steel Guiliana's Carbon Fibre helmet, when he drives his Formula 3 "Pure Steel" racing vehicle.

"Time Traveler"

The original historic paintjob before airbrushing.

Airbrushed artwork on Chevy Nova front clip.

The "Silver Bullet"

Rear engine dragster.

I just had to show you this scooter I airbrushed for Piranha's drag racing pit crew.
This rocket is from Rockhampton Qld.


The new airbrushed nosecone after the crash.

Pirahna racing helmet

Holden Gemini wearing our flames

Russell Mackay's 63 Corvette "Supercharged Outlaw"
Airbrushed Chrome grill and indicators Russell Mackay Supercharged Outlaw

Australia's first Junior Funny car racing at Willowbank, Build by Hans Kreuzen and driven by 8 years old Micheal Kreuzen, Many many Moon's ago, Sadly this class was cancelled
Picture of half scale funny car