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Picture of Limited Edition Print titled Lights out please
"Signed and Numbered by the Artist on Royale Linen Embossed Print"
Title: " Lights Out Please "
Print size: 645mm x 450mm
Image size: 595mm x 400mm
Artist: Hans Kreuzen
Limited to 1000 Prints

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About this painting
The painting depict's a Saturday night in the summer of 1970 at the local Drive-In Theatre, It shows the first Holden sedan produced in 1948 and all the models after, up to 1971 including the Three Monaro's,
It's a mad rush to find a parking space, and the dancing hotdog commercial has already started. As well as someone taking of with the speaker still attached to his window we also see someone who obviously sneak in without paying climbing out of a boot. The Drive-In used to be the coolest place to hang out with your girlfriend, and most importantly "show of your car".

Price:$ 49.50 Including GST.
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