Airbrushed Custom Paint
Hans Kreuzen

Shop Tour (This page is still "and will always be" under construction)

Welcome to my Shop Tour
This "Shop Tour" page is mainly for my interstate customers who have never visited my shop before , It shows where your tin's will get prepared, airbrushed and clear coated.
Over the last 25 years I have operated my business "The Paint Doctor" in the same location in Maryborough Queensland and apart from the area code, with the same phone number.
Our address is:
The Paint Doctor 9 Saltwater Creek Road Maryborough Queensland 4650, Phone: 07 4123 1536, Email:
I used to have two different size sheds on my block and after always running out of room, I finaly ended up with the building that I own and operate from, this present day.
My shop is located on a four lane main road in Maryborough, just 20 minututes away from Hervey bay and Fraser Island, Maryborough has been a great city to base my operation from as it is central to my clients from up North and the South of Queensland and New South Wales, and also keeps my over heads down, compared to a major city, These cost savings means that I can keep my prices to a reasonable level. By the way, I build and take care of my own web site, I try to keep it up to date when I have the time to do so.

Our building
Here are some pic's of our building that we own and operate from.

Reception, Retail and Gallery This part of my shop is where client's can look at, Photo albums of previous jobs, Spray Chief candy apple colour samples and helmets I painted to display different designs and colours, This is also my retail area for Paasche airbrushes and parts and limited edition fine art print that I have published over the years.

This is "Bones" He was hired to model for my airbrushed skull artwork and display the helmets we sell.

Baking Spray Booth
I have spent over $ 60'000.- on my climate controlled, down draft, baking spray booth and sound proofing my building to comply with all the goverment regulations.
I also use colour correct lighting and a double filtration system to be enviromentely safe.

Mixing paint room and Blasting cabinet:
I proudly use only Australian made paints for my paint system and Candy Apples.
These picture shows the automatic mixing machine and computor to mix any colour code, using digital scales.
Also the blasting cabinet, used to strip the old paint back to bare metal.

"Bones" was being a pain, and demanded to be in the bloody picture.

Airbrush Studio
This is the section of the shop where I do all my detailed airbrushing.

Hans Kreuzen pinstriping a 1929 Indian colour sample sign, using 24K goldleaf.

"Bones" trying to scare away our customers.

Some of my own hand painted motorcycle signs on the wall.

Sign shop and Play Room
This part of our shop is where my wife Audrey and I computor cut the motorcycle logo's for restorations and custom projects.

All the sign writing is airbrushed on in the correct colours and no stickers or vinyl are left behind before the clear coating is sprayed on.

1948 rigid and 1953 BSA Bantam D1 plunger, Austin a30 van, These is my own restoration projects.

We also store some of our collectables, paintings and bowsers.